"I don't abide by the rules. I'll kill you just the same."

-Agdaleen to the three familiars

Mistaken as the "Gray-Haired Witch" by Gilbert, Agdaleen was visited by the three main familiars in book one. Agdaleen served as the supporting antangonist in The Familiars.
Agdaleen as seen in page 153, casting a spell that causes tentacles to sprout out of her cauldron to capture the familiars and plunge them into her stew.
Age Exact age unknown, though considered ancient
Occupation Witch, Member of the Noctonati
Home Weed Barrens
Gender Female
Weapon Magic, potions, spellcasting
Fate Deceased
Appearances The Familars


Agdaleen was born as a common driftfolk, but soon became mad, even after getting her first tattoo. At only age six, she burned her family's wagon down, as well as the caravan. She was sent to be saned by the keepers of the Pineland Asylum, which she burned down as well. She ran away and came to the weed barrens.

The Familiars Edit

The three familiars visit her house made entirely of straw and bones. She was inside and so Aldwyn dumped stinkweed in her chimney, forcing her to leave. She wandered into the forest and soon the three familiars went into her house to look for the loyals that they thought were here. As they walked to the door to leave, Agdaleen suddenly appeared by her cauldron, threatening to turn them into ingredients. She cast a spell that blocked the three animals from leaving with large weeds covering the door. Agdaleen questioned Skylar's anklet, but soon forgot about it and dumped octopus intestines into her cauldron, causing eight tentacles to grow out of the pot, called an octopot. The tenticles began grabbing at the familiars while Agdaleen threatened that they would make a nice stew.

When a tentacle grabbed Aldwyn and tried to force him into the pot, he grabbed the edge with his paws. Agdaleen found a fire poker and hit Aldwyn's paws with it, but he managed to hold one. She tried to push him into the soup using the sharp end of the poker but could not force him in and instead stabbed Jack's pouch. Aldwyn got a three-leafed clover into the stew and it immediately turned blue and began swirling backwards. The tenticles gave up on their persuit of the familiars and quickly attacked the old witch, grabbing her ankles and wrists. She commanded them to let go, but to no avail. She was dunked head-first into the boiling stew. As her hair melted away she screamed, though within seconds she was almost already completely into the pot. Just as her feet were being pushed into the stew, Aldywn noticed an anklet identical to Skylar's around her ankle, though no one else did as she was completely submerged into the boiling pot. The anklet signified her as one of the Noctonati. Skylar is part of the association, which was introduced to her by Lady Helenka, the sister of Agdaleen.