These tongueless robed shamans live deep in Stalagmos. They specialize in dark magic such as necromancy, and often sell their drak creations in the Sewer Markets, a black market system. These wares include shadow hounds, Olfax tracking snouts, arsenic arrows, and spring-loaded soul suckers

When the Familiars discover an obsidian-mining operation cave shamans can be seen stirring cauldrons full of shadowhounds-in-creation, ordering dwarves about, and overseeing the project. The shamans are in allegiance with Paksahara and smuggle obsidian into Vastia to be used to waken the Dead Army.

According to Aldwyn, it is rumored the shamans were "drained of their humanity a long time ago" (book 2, chapter 13.) They appear to speak through holes in their necks, but other than this bear a somewhat-human appearance.