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Corliss is the mate of Baxley and the mother of Aldwyn. She is part of the Wind Chanter tribe, and has the normal powers of telekinesis as well as telepathy. She was murdered by Malvern (I think that's his name) when she set her child on a raft on the Ebs.
Age: Unknown, old enough to be a mother
? Corliss
Aldwyn Baxley
Book Appearances
Dead: All

Personality Edit

Corliss is said by Malvern to be very attached to Baxley. She was also protective of her child, as shown when she set him on the river to escape his uncle. She is said to be very beautiful.

Appearances Edit


Trivia Edit

  • She died before the first book.
  • She had the powers of telepathy, like her son.

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