Biography Edit

Originally, he was one of Kalstaff's aprentices along with Jack and Marianne. When Paksahara killed Kalstaff in the guise of Queen Loranella, she took them prisoners. They were later rescued by Aldwyn, Gilbert, and Skylar. 

Physical Appearance Edit

Not yet revealed.

Personality and Traits Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Magical Edit
He is good with wind charms.
Ordinary Edit
It is referenced in the third book that he has some experience with swords. 

Relationships Edit

Skylar Edit

Dalton is Skylar's loyal, and they both are loyal to one another. They also have a magic bond.

Marianne Edit

Dalton is in a relationship in Marianne. They have been shown to hold hands and tease each other.

Jack Edit

Dalton and Jack have a good relationship. They have been shown to kid around with each other. 

Aldwyn and Gilbert Edit

They are the other familiars.

Kalstaff Edit

Kalstaff was his mentor.

Loranella Edit

She is the queen.

Appearances Edit

As one of the three Loyals, Dalton has appeared in all four books. He is shown little in some, though.