Maidenmere cats - telekinesis. Some cats have abilities such as telepathy and astral projection

Nearhurst Aviary birds - illusion casting

Daku tree frogs - puddle viewings of the future and past

Golden toads - bring good luck and bad luck

Bloodhounds - can go into the past and see what would have happened if a different path had been taken

Howler monkeys - invincibility

White-tipped mongooses - astral claws

Acid Dragons - spit acid

Tunneler Dragons - tunnel into things with their horns

Hornet Dragons - deadly hornets come out of their nostrils (tree frogs are immune to their stings)

Fire Dragons- Can breathe fire

Black Tooth Dragons- Can kill instantly with one bite

Gray Hares - shape-shifting

Ravens - can heal wounds

Large-eyed lemur - can see through objects

Cobras - can spit acid

Tortoises - stopping time

Firescale Snakes- Shoot fire off of their bac