Gilbert is a tree frog of Daku swamp, and he is the Familiar of Marianne, and one of the Prophesied Three.

Early Life Edit

Gilbert lived with his extensive family in the marshes. He is the son of the chief of the Daku swamp, his birthplace. Daku is a very swampy place and no matter where the familiars looked they couldn't keep their eyes off of something that was green

Physical Appearance Edit

Green with a white underbelly and orange feet, one which has seven toes, and large red eyes.

Personality and Traits Edit

Gilbert can be brave in dire situations, but tends to avoid danger whenever possible in battle. He is caring and worries over dramatic situations. He is also rather clumsy and has a habit of making people laugh. Also, Gilbert can't stand quietness (such as when everyone was thinking about what to do and Gilbert suddenly started humming).

Skills and Abilities ==

Magic: Edit

Can receive puddle-visions from the past and future, but most of the time he interprets them inaccurately (But they DO happen eventually).

Relationships ==

Marianne: Edit

Gilbert is Marianne's Familiar.

Skylar: Edit

Has known her ever since their loyals trained with Kalstaff, and becomes afraid of her after receiving a puddle-viewing in which Skylar killed him, until he realizes it meant she'd kill Paksahara.

Aldwyn: Edit

Trusts him with his life and often consults with him when he is agitated (such as the puddle-vision of Skylar murdering him). Aldwyn is his best friends.

Jack and Dalton: Edit

Has from them good relations.

Kalstaff: Edit

a Wizard that taught the kids

Queen Loranella: Edit

Paksahara: Edit

Father: Edit

Appearances Edit

As one of the main characters, Gilbert has appeared in all books. (On Hiatus) As on 2017
The books in the series he has appeared in are The Familiars (first book), Secrets of The Crown, Circle of Hero, and Palace of Dreams.

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