Jack is Aldwyn's loyal, a young wizard formerly in the tutelage of Kalstaff, and the younger brother of Marianne.


Jack is described as having dirty blonde hair, smelly odor and green eyes, similar in color to Aldwyns green eyes.


Early LifeEdit

When Jack was still very young, his parents-who were Beyonders-were sent on a mission to recover various treasures stolen from Queen Loranella, but never returned. Jack and his older sister Marianne were evidently cared for by their uncle until they showed promise as wizards, at which point they entered the tutelage of Kalstaff. They enjoyed friendly relationships with fellow pupils Galleon and Dalton, and Jack eventually came to have aspirations of becoming a Beyonder as well. He deeply hoped that he would be able to find his lost parents one day, as well as accomplishing such feats as reaching the center of Necro's Maze.

Aldwyn's LoyalEdit

On his eleventh birthday, Jack was taken to the familiar shop in Bridgetower by Kalstaff in order to choose his familiar. After examining a number of potential candidates, he selected Aldwyn, whom he noticed because of their shared eye color.