Paksahara is the former Familiar of Queen Loranella. She is a gray hare with the power to shape shift. She betrayed her Loyal, and later on raised a dead army to fight alongside her. Paksahara had the sincere belief that animals should rule the land with no humans. However, many of her plans were stopped by the three familiars, Aldwyn the cat, Skylar the blue jay, and Gilbert the frog. In the end, she failed to accomplish her tasks, and she was vanquished once and for all.

Early LifeEdit

In one of the books, it is mentioned that Paksahara was chosen as a Familiar in the Familiar Shop. During the Dead Army Uprising, she risked her life and saved Queen Loranella from being killed. It is also mentioned that Paksahara stumbled upon the drawings of animals ruling Vastia, which inspired her to start the new Dead Army Uprising.

She appears in book one, The Familiars, book two, Secrets of The Crown, and book three, Circle of Heroes.

The Familiars Edit

She is the main antagonist of this book. She kills Kalstaff, and captures Jack, Dalton, and Marianne.

The three familiars find her, and defeat her in a battle. They rescue their loyals.

Circle of Heros Edit

Paksahara creates the Dead Army, which wreaks havoc on the city. She unleashes Aldwyn's evil uncle, Malvern, and Aldwyn defeats him.

She is defeated once and for all in this book, where she dies.