Tammy is an orange and black plains cat who appears in The Familiars and Palace of Dreams as an ally of Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert.


The FamiliarsEdit

Aldwyn and his friends encounter Tammy at an inn on their way to the Peaks of Kailassa, and she leads them to a barn where they can sleep for the night. Believing them to be ordinary animals traveling together, she offers them some warm milk before bed, and Aldwyn takes her up on the offer. The two stroll through the town, with Aldwyn sharing his true history-so far as he was aware of it at the time-with her. Clearly impressed by Aldwyn's adventurous streak, Tammy also offers him encouragement in the face of his life's disappointments.

The following morning, Tammy awakens the trio with a wanted poster depicting their likenesses, and is informed that the trio are in fact Familiars. She attempts to help them get to safety, but after seeing Grimslade in town it becomes obvious that disguises are necessary. Under her instruction, Aldwyn and Gilbert are disguised while Skylar flies on ahead, and Tammy then accompanies the other two briefly before bidding them farewell. She expresses interest in accompanying them, but feels that her lack of powers would be a detriment to the group.

Palace of DreamsEdit


Tammy is kind and welcoming, serving as a sort of animal innkeeper to the creatures who visit her owner's inn. Though she has lived a fairly tranquil life, she finds the idea of danger and excitement fascinating. She is quite intelligent, conceiving ideas for disguises on the fly, and also has something of a screaming in pain.