The Bridge of Betrayal

The Bridge of Betrayal is a cursed bridge crossing a gorge next to the Peaks of Kailasa and the Hinterwoods. 

Aldwyn, Skylar and Gilbert cross the Bridge on their way to the Mountain Alchemist.



Two close friends who were part of the Royal Guard of Vastia traveled to the Bridge to look for remaining soldiers of the Dead Army, only to find a treasure map buried in the snow.

Whilst crossing the bridge, they turned on each other, and greedy for the treasure that the map would lead them to, pushed each other off the side of the bridge into the gorge below. 

It is rumored (and proved!) to be cursed, as when someone crosses the bridge, a voice in their head tells them to kill the other people/animals nearby.

Present Times (Book 1)

Aldwyn, Gilbert, and Skylar cross the bridge on their way to the Peaks whilst running from bounty hunters and turn on each other.

Aldwyn attacks because of the voices intensify the fear that they'll find out that he has no magic, Gilbert because he thinks that they'll take his food, and Skylar because she doesn't want them to share the praise of saving their Loyals. 

They snap out of their trances after one of the bounty hunters is thrown off the bridge to their death, and cross the bridge quickly.


The Bridge is quite long and made of cobblestone and brown bricks, each brick stamped with a picture of a monarch's throne.

It is sided by brick and stone walls as high as a fully grown adult's waist, and looks 'majestic and quite safe' according to Aldwyn (Book 1, pg 220)